Urban Fox Service | Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Illustrations or infographics, for prints or for websites, we provide graphical services and are especially interested in architectural and urban graphic themes.
Urban Fox Service | Branding


Ranging from logos to packaging design, we understand the importance in creating an aesthetically pleasing and visually coherent company identity to reflect and support the brand’s value.
Urban Fox Service | Urban Lifestyle

Urban Lifestyle

We know this term sounds pretentious, but what we want to express is our love for observing and learning about our urban environment; moreover, to share its silent story from our perspective.


Urban Fox Team | Ingie Blin, Creative Director

Ingie Blin

Visual Designer

Ingie is not good with words.

That's why Ingie loves visual storytelling.

Urban Fox Team | JC Francis, Content Developer

Content Developer

JC Francis

JC is curious and enjoys observing the good and bad of urban changes.



Do you know that tens of thousands of foxes live in London urban areas? No kidding. We got fox dens literally in our London backyard! Like people, urban foxes walk the same streets, eat from the same sources, and are sheltered under the same urban landscape. What sets them apart from us is their sharp senses in exploring for the intriguing. Like urban foxes, we at Urban Fox want to experience our narrow streets, quiet roads, and secret mews in searching for inspirations in our urban environment.


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