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Angel Islington, London, U.K.

What makes a community? Follow us on our journal to discover how WaterwayMarketBoundaryGreenery, and Time shapes Angel’s identity.
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The Angel Islington Project starts as an exercise to document our vibrant North London neighbourhood. Since we often hear Angel being labelled as “trendy” and “a nice area to live in”, our objective later shifts to determine the basis of these common perception. Or, in a more widely applied scope, what makes our living neighbourhood special.
To find out the answer, we learn about what the Angel community has to offer through strolling 5 distinctive areas within the community. The first-hand experience helps us to form a holistic perspective of Angel’s urbanistic elements, which are used to interpret Angel’s livability. Without a surprise, Angel’s livability coincides with the positive public perception. The result is conclusively made possible by Angel’s...
Community Livability
Large Amount of URBAN ACTIVITY
Numerous Spots for SOCIAL GATHERING
Sense of
HISTORY Carried by its Community
... Angel’s livability and its positive perception are a remark of its liveliness. Consequently, Angel’s liveliness is due to its charisma to attract people.
This is a great exercise for us to experience and appreciate our living neighbourhood. We encourage you to do the same and find out the beauty of your own community.
Life in city space has a significant impact on how we perceive the space. A lifeless street is like an empty theater: something must be wrong with the production since there is no audience.
Urban Fox Angel Islington Project INTRO
Urban Fox Angel Islington Project WATERWAY
Urban Fox Angel Islington Project MARKET
Urban Fox Angel Islington Project BOUNDARY
Urban Fox Angel Islington Project GREENERY
Urban Fox Angel Islington Project TIME
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