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Our New Venture

We know that we didn’t update our blog frequently this year. With many things happening this year, we feel that we owe you an explanation of what’s going on that is leading Urban Fox to new urban adventures.

Our loyal audience must have realized that our recent content is shifting away from regional exploration. Instead of focusing on London exploration, we like our content to be more relatable to anyone living in the city (that’s ~54% of the current total population according to WHO stat!).

So we started to write about our experiences in different cities and countries. We started to wonder what constitutes urban living. And, more importantly, what makes a city unique and attractive. Globalization and Urbanization become our new central theme.

But this shift definitely contradicts to our original vision, which is to document our regionalized urban environment – London. So why the change and why now (other than to widen the audience interest)?

We want to consolidate our studio projects and our blog is a reflection of our project interest, research, and progress. It is better to remove the limitation than put ourselves into one city boundary, no matter how exiting that city is pronounced.

We are now based in Vancouver, Canada. Yes, we built an igloo! Not really – Vancouver is a habitable urban city. We find it unfit to continue discussing our London living and need a new angle for our blog.

With that said, Urban Fox is heading to a new chapter! New projects are on the drawing board. New contents are developing. And most definitely, a new venture is on its way!

That’s right. Urban Fox is onto something!

Stay tuned for our revelation on SOON!








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