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London Routemaster-Go-Around

Double-decker buses, red telephone kiosks, and black cabs. These are the well-known non-architectural representatives of today’s London. In particular, the red Routemaster buses found roaming on all major roads of London can easily defend their iconic status among top visited touring sites among the Palace of Westminster and Picadilly Circus. People collect miniature or full-size red buses; tourists snap photos of passing buses as their trophy take-home souvenirs; even Ikea sales London bus wall art in their Vilshult collection. Without a doubt London red buses are symbolic to London’s street scene.

London buses, with their long running history, have evolved in their form and function in their 60 years of service. Currently, 3 kinds of double-deckers are running on London streets: the old Routemasters, the typical red double-deckers, and the new Routemasters (aka the Borismasters). After Borismaster’s introduction in Feburary 2012, the heritage route previously covered by the already scarce old Routemasters is now being slowly replaced by the shiny and sleek-looking new Routemasters.

Before old Routemasters are officially retired off the London roads, it would be a perfect afternoon touring the Central London on these three bus models, the Routemaster-Go-Around style! So…, where can we start our epic afternoon trip?

The Route - London landmarks along our Routemaster-Go-Around route to our Londony bus ride!

The bus ride starts at Westminster where we boards Bus 12 towards Oxford Circus. While we are there, it is a must to snap a touristy image of the red bus with the parliament building in the background. Arriving at Trafalgar Square, this is the perfect place to catch a return trip to Aldwych on the Old Routemaster Bus 15. Back at Trafalgar Square, we then walk to Piccadilly Circus where cliché red bus photo opportunities are all around its corner. Our final stretch of the trip takes the New Routemaster Bus 38 to Soho, our final destination to transition into an evening of entertainment.

Interested in doing the Routemaster-Go-Around trip? Better catch those old Routemaster buses before they fade out of the London streets!








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