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Without a doubt, we humans cherish green spaces in our urban environment as much as we enjoy visiting the countryside. These parks and gardens introduce opportunities for us to relax and mingle with each other. As we are naturally wired as pack animals, we all have the unsettling urge to connect with one another. What are better ways to create these invisible bonds than hanging out in a purposely designed gathering spot in our community!
In this walk, we explore the St. Mary’s Church Garden and experience the tranquility this hidden greenspace brings. We spend a lovely afternoon cruising along busy high street and narrow alleys, and arrive at the garden behind the beautiful St. Mary’s Church (come check out our church visit here). Although the garden is easily accessible from Upper Street, not many people notice this lovely urban greenery at their first glance. With that said, the garden is a hidden gem which Angel locals visit frequently, rain or shine.


Angel Islington, London, U.K.

St Mary's Church's Secret Garden : When urban meets tranquility
- Click on the dots above to explore the area -
The garden is filled with locals in the afternoon of our visit. Some are exercising. Some are hanging with friends and families. Some are walking the dogs. And some are sunbathing. The activity varies, but the stress-free spirit is common in the garden.  Needless to say, the overall atmosphere of this urban greenspace is uplifting. This urban greenery effortlessly transforms the high-pace, restless city lifestyle into a peacefulness tranquility where we can momentarily restore our mind and body through engaging with the “designed” natural environment.
St Mary's Church garden collage
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2014-03-13 15.58.55-1
2014-03-13 15.53.19-1
2014-03-13 15.53.53-1-2
2014-03-13 15.58.18-4
2014-03-13 15.57.21-1
The hidden St. Mary's Church Garden provides an urban green space for the community residents to enjoy.
Greenspaces in our neighbourhood not only provide us with a place to immerse in nature, but also minimise the friendly distance between people. As warm and intense contacts between people take place at short distances (observed by Danish Architect Jan Gehl), these urban greens help to strengthen our sense of belonging in the community. Although not essential for city living, these tranquil spots in the urban environment greatly constitutes to people’s happiness and their sense of community.
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