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Small and cozy, Camden Passage is packed with people enjoying the actions happening in this pedestrian back alley.


Treasure Hunting in Camden Passage : Market is where people gather
Market, a meeting place for people to engage in trading goods. Its structured fuction can be first observed in the Roman Empire. While the Roman forum functioned primary as a marketplace, it was also used as a gathering place of great social significance where activities such as political discussions, rendezvous, and meetings happened. Undeniably, markets provide a necessaryenvironment in forming a community’s identity.
In our market exploration, we look at the role of Camden Passage in Angel Islington deeper than its obvious trade usage. Founded in the 1960s, Camden Passage attracts locals and visitors alike for its bargain-filled antique market. While it also houses boutique shops and modern tasteful eateries, this narrow pedestrian backstreet paved in cobble stones preserves a remnant of Old London. Contrarily to Angel’s trendy identity, the present of Camden Passage adds a contrasting personality to its otherwise chic image.

Angel Islington, London, U.K.

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Camden Passage people activities illustration
Referencing to the proxemics study, the compactness of Camden Passage is advantageous as a social catalyst as the connection between people is strengthened by introducing a social distance of 1.5 to 3 meters. The narrowness of Camden Passage is therefore useful in providing a comfortable personal space. In which, a warm and intense atmosphere can be perceived by its wandering market goers. Having a historical pub hosting regular events in this lively alley invites more people to linger around and mingle with each other.
As an antique market, Camden Passage is a popular destination for treasure hunting Londoners. As a pedestrian alley off the busting Upper Street, it is an open space catering for friendly human interaction. This down-to-earth passage provides an important role which helps stimulating the community social well-being.
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