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We are fascinated by the stories hidden in our urban environment. They often stay unnoticed, quietly masked under the quick pace of our city lifestyle. But if we look close enough to these hidden messages, we can find out all sorts of interesting facts about the city we live in. In this exploring journey, we wander through Chapel Market and listen to the story time has to tell.


Angel Islington, London, U.K.

Chaple Market's Time Capsule : Where the time is celebrated
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At the first glance, the similar street view and the continued market function are obvious from the image comparison. An overall improvement to the Chapel Market’s street scene is also observed. The newly erected market gate at the street entrance, the refurbishment of the building façade along the market street, and a green space replacing the former derelict, to us, all reflect on the community’s visible effort in improving the living quality of its residences.
If time could tell us a story, what would the story be?
Chapel Market Entrance comparison
Stalls comparison
Manze's Eel Pie & Mash Shop, Chapel Market comparison
Culpeper Community Garden comprison
More importantly, the images reflect a transition in the community’s social makeup. Of which, a shift from English monotony to intercultural diversity is evidental in the demographic change of the market vendors. Apart from the original English pie shops and cafes, the street now sells Vietnamese food, Indian dishes, Greek plates, and other ethnical specialties. The market becomes a street of diversity.
Former fire-engine house, Chapel Market comparison
food, cultural diversity, illustration
Although time has transformed Chapel Market’s building form and social dynamics, its disguisable character stays intact with its original value - a people's market. With redevelopments happening rapidly in London nowadays, Chapel Market is given the chance to be left alone to evolve in and morph on its own way to preserve its historical uniqueness while welcoming social improvements through time.
Urban Fox shout out illustration
Each image set has a ~60-year time gap between them.
through studying each set’s similarities and differences,
we learn about Angel’s physical and social
changes through years of urban reformation.
Urban Fox Angel Islington Project WATERWAY
Urban Fox Angel Islington Project INTRO
Urban Fox Angel Islington Project TIME
Urban Fox Angel Islington Project GREENERY
Urban Fox Angel Islington Project BOUNDARY
Urban Fox Angel Islington Project MARKET
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